Friday, September 15, 2006

The world in 2051?

Over at his blog at Fox News, Father Jonathan wrote a thought-provoking piece on what this world could look like in 2051 if our culture of laissez-faire spirituality continues. The essence of the story is very true - if we forget why we care, if we abandon what is important in the name of relativism we lose our cultural soul.

While he frames this against the backdrop of the War on Terror, I think it also points to a more general truth which is equally valid in areas like our very own Catholic Church. If, for convenience or out of laziness, we allow ourselves to forget why we proclaim our faith, to forget the sheer greatness of our faith and fall into the well of "each religion is equally true and equally good" we begin to lose our faith not just in our faith but in God Himself.

A snippet to whet the pallet:

By 2025, Europe had officially denied its Christian roots. In the name of tolerance and diversity, it had separated human values from morality and morality from God. The result was a stifling dictatorship of moral and religious relativism. In the minds of the youth, there was now, in effect, no such thing as absolute good or bad. Democracy, for example, was optional like everything else, and then it just disappeared. At first, nobody seemed to care.