Sunday, October 15, 2006

Done and cold

Just a quick note that I wrapped up Living the Mysteries: A Guide for Unfinished Christians today. All I can say is that if you don't have this book, run, don't walk. Furthermore, if you haven't had your interest piqued in patristics yet, this would be a great place to start to see how the Fathers of the Church still speak to us today. As they say, they're classics for a reason.

Aside from that, I am thoroughly empathizing with Fr. Martin Fox in his post, and the more artistic predecessor thereto. It's very hard to blog when you feel like you're walking through half-set jello. As someone suggested to the good Father, "offer it up" and so I shall.

A note, for anyone who follows this blog: all this coming week I'll be in meetings all day and probably late at work so who knows what kind of "spare" time I'll have for blogging. But since Indolent Server put me on his blogs list, I suppose I have to do something. Maybe I'll even earn that spot on his blogroll some day.