Monday, October 02, 2006

"Something's been let out of hell on a 12-hour pass."

Dr. Ed Peters has a distressingly vivid account of his participation in a Life Chain this past weekend. I was positively shocked, and I mean that word in its intended fullness, to read his account of one lady who, shall we say, disagreed with the pro-life cause:

A young woman in her 20s, driving by in a nice car, leaned far out her driver-side window and, in a scream of pure hate, shreiked "Kill the babies! Kill the babies! Kill'em all!" My first thought was, "Something's been let out of hell on a 12-hour pass."

There are times when you allow yourself to sit back in some level of satisfaction, feeling that things are going at least slightly better for the pro-life cause than they were only a few years ago. Then something like this slaps you directly across the face with the realization that Satan has no need of sleep and no desire to sit back in the middle of this war. No, indeed the war is not over but has only just begun. There is no time for us to sit in our foxholes and relax, not with an enemy who does not give up at the first sign of defeat. There is much to do, much to do. Holy saints pray for us, God help us!