Sunday, October 22, 2006

"Standing...with no answers"

Again, from What It Means to Be a Christian:

It means just seeing the whole reality and burden of our Christian life without fear and bringing it before the face of God, as judge and savior, even if, like Job, we have no answer to give about it all, and the only thing left is to leave it to God himself to answer and to tell him how we are standing here in our darkness with no answers.

I find the phraseology in this quote particularly poignant. After all, how many of us after a long day don't find ourselves in bed in the dark talking to God knowing only that we don't have any answers? But at the same time I find his statement warmly encouraging: even though we have no answers we need only trust in God's goodness as did Job and we have the Christian promise, or perhaps more directly the promise of Christ, that he hears and understands, and that we only need to ask that we may be forgiven. How much better does it get?