Monday, November 06, 2006

Faith as a frame

Fr. Martin Fox has fired off a great salvo against this dictatorship of relativism in his latest homily, which he is kind enough to post on his blog. He really boils down some of the "hot" topics of the current day, pulling into what I can surmise was a ten minute homily several subjects I have yet to hear preached on even alone, let alone in combination. A couple small snippets, then as "they" would say, Go - Read. I can only hope that more of those who are called to preach and to teach do so with this kind of honesty and clarity.

But what about when we get caught up in a cause—
a political campaign, a union,
some environmental or ideological effort—
and we’re going to save the world.

Notice, if we forget to keep God first,
how easily people become a means to an end.
The research that respects God’s law, is working;
meanwhile, the version that defies God’s law,
is having problems. Isn’t that interesting?

Notice what the advocates keep saying:
Don’t bring God into it—we just want to help people!
But by leaving God out,
the result is destruction of human life.
When we separate love of neighbor from love of God,
it will always go sour.

Better to listen to Jesus: Do both.