Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A new case of ecumenism

From Brit Hume's Grapevine at Fox News:

A partnership of Muslims and Christians is denouncing what it describes as efforts to "de-Christianize British society." The Christian-Muslim forum says civic officials who remove references to Christianity from Christmas are actually becoming "recruiting agents for the extreme right." It cites the removal of the word "Christmas" from one town's winter festival — and the printing of Christmas stamps with no Christian theme.

The group says those things provoke antagonism toward Muslims and others by “foisting on them an anti-Christian agenda they do not hold." The forum believes Christmas should be celebrated as the birth of Jesus and says the desire to secularize religious festivals is offensive to both the Christian and Muslim communities.

Who'd a thunk it? Maybe if enough groups like this speak up people will start to realize that only the atheists are getting their way with a naked public square and recognize that in fact that is as close to establishment of religion as you can get. As many problems as there are in the Muslim world (and not suggesting, of course, the Christian world does not have its own collection) I think it's very important to show cases like this where the right thing is being done. Good for them.