Friday, November 17, 2006

Not that easy...

Another from my JPII quote-a-day calendar:

The Christian faith does not provide you with ready-made solutions to the complex problems affecting contemporary society. But it does give you deep insights into the nature of man and his needs, calling you to speak the truth in love, to take up your responsibilities as good citizens and to work with your neighbors to build a society where true human values are nourished and deepened by a shared Christian vision of life. -- Homily at Nairobi, Kenya, May 7, 1980
How true is that? It's simply fact that even with a guide like the Church and the map of the Holy Scriptures things don't just lay out in a straight line in front of you. Christianity properly lived isn't easy, but then He said "take up your cross and follow me" not "take up your overnight bag and head to the beach". Certainly, even when we do take time to relax at the beach we always must do so as Christians and show forth the Christian example we would have seen in us at any other time.