Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Why am I not surprised?

From CWN:

Lay Catholic activists in Massachusetts have sharply criticized the Boston office of Catholic Charities for advertising in a local gay newspaper.

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts said that a quarter-page ad in Bay Windows represented "either an appalling example of bad judgment or a disturbing sign of indifference to Church teaching, or both."

The Catholic Charities ad-- promoting a pre-Christmas open house at a Boston community center-- appeared in Bay Windows at a time when Massachusetts politicians were debating a proposed constitutional amendment to prohibit same-sex marriage. The gay-oriented newspaper was leading the charge against that amendment.

Sadly, when it comes to Boston and the area, things like this don't surprise me. There's a reason terms like "Massachusetts liberal" and in this case "Boston Catholic" are considered pejorative in the non-Mass. parts of New England. While there are large numbers of good and faithful people in the fine Commonwealth, there are others who have, er, "agendas" who often control the stations of power. Pray for Cardinal O'Malley, he has a very difficult job to do.