Monday, January 22, 2007

Have you done your part?

I was debating whether to write anything today, given that I'm far from the most authoritative source on the subject, but after reading Father Larry's post at Eyes of Faith I'll let him do the talking. My question to you, good friend, is this: have you done your part today to work for an end to abortion and the culture of death which holds our world so seemingly firmly in its grip? I'm not usually one to push this issue since I have historically found an excuse to keep me from performing some sort of act, either of penance or extra prayers or what have you.

Through some miracle I noticed that the church right near my house had its lights on each morning when I came home from dropping the kids off (the advantages of working from home periodically) and lo and behold, they now have daily Mass at 8:00. I walked in just as they were finishing the Rosary - there were probably around 20 people or so, not bad at all.

So starting the day with Mass is good enough usually. Then I suggested to my son that instead of taking a nap he could pray the Rosary with me. Much to my surprise he gleefully jumped at the chance, asking only which Rosary he could use. There is something uniquely edifying about praying with your own child. And to top it off, he suggested of his own volition that we should do this every Monday, Wednesday and Friday when I'm home in time. It is a great stand of theology that God gives that we may give back, and that in giving back we receive even more greatly. My son just may make me holier than I would have made myself... Deo gratias! So...if you haven't done anything "special" today, maybe right now is a good time to find something, even if it is a small thing.