Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cardinal Hoyos clears a few things up

Catholic Church Conservation has the translation of an interview with Cardinal Hoyos where he holds forth on the motu proprio, SSPX and more. I found the following rather interesting. I wonder what Dr. Ed Peters would have to say.

Does the Indult support ecumenism, “ad intra” (internal)?

Please accept that I reject the term “ecumenism ad intra”. The Bishops, Priests and Faithful of the Society of St Pius X are not schismatics. It is Archbishop Lefebrve who has undertaken an illicit Episcopal consecration and therefore performed a schismatic act. It is for this reason that the Bishops consecrated by him have been suspended and excommunicated. The priests and faithful of the Society have not been excommunicated. They are not heretics. I do, however, share St Jerome’s fear that heresy leads to schism and vice versa. The danger of a schism is big, such as a systematic disobedience vis-à-vis the Holy Father or by a denial of his authority. It is after all a service of charity, so that the Priestly Society gains full communion with the Holy Father by acknowledging the sanctity of the new Mass.
Update: Sorry about the yellow-on-white, folks. That hurts the eyes...