Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Great discussion on tradition and traditionalism

There's a great discussion on tradition and traditionalism going on at The Shrine of the Holy Whapping. The discussion started with Dan's post Tradition and Traditionalism and is continued today with What We've Learned and Why It Matters. I have to admit, living in a diocese where the TLM is not celebrated at all (the nearest TLM is, I believe, in Still River, MA - over an hour away) and entering the Church well after the Pauline Missal was well-established I have never seen a TLM in person so I'm not the best commentator on the subject. But what catches me in the discussion is the desire, in part, to utilize the TLM (or its dialog mass variant) as, among other things, a font of refreshment for the Pauline Mass and not just as a way to assuage those who feel some attachment to the older rite.

Indeed, that is my true interest in seeing the TLM opened for free celebration as the community needs (i.e. more Masses for those parishes who are overflowing their TLM celebrations without the need to get special permission from the Bishop). I will assert, and argue if necessary, that the Pauline Mass can be prayed in an honest, faithful and yes even vertical fashion. I will further assert and argue that it is not prayed in that fashion more often than it is. This is precisely where I hope the TLM can provide an opening into the deep treasure of the possibilities of a properly prayed Mass and perhaps impress upon those willing to listen the possibility that "full and active participation" need not involve clericalization of the laity, waving arms or holding hands - that the participation of a soul in deep and intimate communion with the God becoming present in substantial form at the hands of the priest at the altar is, in the end, the greatest "active" participation one can have.