Friday, February 16, 2007

They said something!

For all the Bishop-bashing that goes on in the Catholic blogosphere (some, of course, earned by action and inaction, some not earned or deserved), we must remember to congratulate and thank our Shepherds when they do something right. In light of New York City's plan to distribute NYC-branded condoms on the city's subways free of charge, yes, including to minors, Edward Cardinal Egan and Brooklyn Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio staged an all-too-rare joint statement. Two prime points from the statement:

Our political leaders fail to protect the moral tone of our community when they encourage inappropriate sexual activity by blanketing our neighborhoods with condoms.
The taxpayers' money that is being spent to distribute condoms and promote the attitude that 'anything goes' would be far better spent in fostering what is true and what is decent.
At a projected cost already of $1.5M, a friend estimated they could have purchased roughly 100,000 books for the schools, or provided up to 300,000 meals to the homeless. But for some reason they thought it more appropriate to promote a (both physically and spiritually) dangerous activity under the supposed guise of "health" and "safety".

Somehow I'm sure the city has already made sure they are not liable for any STDs transmitted due to faulty condoms. Of course, the city will gladly handle any unplanned pregnancies they enable by providing city-paid abortions, thus compounding their complicity in destructive behavior with murder. There is a reason so many compare the modern New York with the ancient Babylon, and it's not just because of its political power.

Given all that, I say "Bravo!" to the Bishops' stand for what is right and good. Now it is the blogosphere's turn to thank their Shepherds for doing what they ought and standing in the breech. And it is the job of those of good conscience to do their part to help the Mayor and Board of Health of NYC come to see the error of their ways. We all have a part to play.