Saturday, February 24, 2007

Waddaya think?

I've been looking for a three-column template for quite a while now and finally stumbled on Blogcrowds. For those of us to whom XML is YALWDU (Yet Another Language We Don't Understand) Blogcrowds is a great resource. First, they provide all sorts of three-column templates absolutely free - but even better is the forum for Q&A for anyone trying to tweak their blog just so. The question is, do you like the three-column look or not?

I should also apologize to anyone who may have stumbled on this blog while I was in the midst of my gyrations of trying to get it all to work. There were some very trying times, and some downright ugly goof-ups in the process. Forgive me if you got caught up in one of them. So...should I keep the three columns or go back to the old template? Speak now or forever hold your peace...