Monday, March 12, 2007

Nice feel-good story

ESPN ran a nice feel-good story about a kid who everyone used to consider a prime example of a kid who bought into the lie that is offered to almost everyone who sees too much success too early, and too easy. Josh Hamilton was once a "can't-miss" prospect, someone who seemed to have an unbounded ceiling. Then he found drugs and lost nearly everything - his job, his wife and baby, almost even the one last person (his grandmother, naturally) who would try to help him.

For his sake, and indeed for ours, I hope his new trajectory takes hold and he can become one of those positive stories of people who sank to the depths and was raised up and then made it their mission to help keep others from following their path. Even if he never hits another 500 foot home run, if he stays clean and helps others to do the same, the greater part of the story will be his. He's as deserving of our prayers as anyone else.