Friday, June 08, 2007

Gomorrah, meet New Hampshire

The Democrat-controlled House and Senate, together with the now out-of-the-closet as a liberal Governor are wasting no time in ripping through legislation trying to make New Hampshire catch up to its southern neighbor, Massachusetts. Now we see they've all but succeeded in repealing the parental notification bill that went all the way to the Supreme Court - it only waits for the Governor's signature, which he has promised to provide.

This, after creating civil unions only a few weeks ago. Massachusetts and Vermont had better do something really nutty soon or we're liable to catch up to or even pass them in our race to become pillars of salt for the cause of the amoral.

For her part, the Diocese did work against this bill, including both press release and testimony at the bill's hearing. (My only question - why no prayer vigil, or are those things passé now?) Diane Murphy Quinlan, Chancellor of the Diocese had this, in part, to say:

It would be a grave mistake to divest parents of meaningful input into the health care of their own dependent children. Opponents of the law falsely assume a conflict between the right and responsibility of parents to care for their children, on the one hand, and the best interests of their children, on the other. In every other context, the law assumes that parents are the natural guardians of their children’s health and best interests. It is folly to believe that third parties are in a better position than parents to protect the interests of their children. Such a view is inconsistent with how the law generally treats parents and children. The State of New Hampshire has long recognized the fundamental right of parents to raise and care for their children. Indeed, New Hampshire requires parental consent--not just parental notification--to a long list of health care and non-health care matters.
Exactly. It is bracing to know that my daughter will need my permission - my consent - not just my knowledge to have her ears pierced but that she can perform infanticide - murder - without my ever knowing about it. I wonder if those who thought they would "teach the Republicans a lesson" are happy with the lesson they're being given right now. One does wonder what's next.