Monday, June 04, 2007

What do you know?

Or, perhaps, who do you know, and how? Fr. Daren Zehnle posted a fantastic homily for Trinity Sunday and within you'll find this nugget:

If we do not know him whom we love we run the risk of loving a false notion or impression of God, a shadow of God, as it were; we run the risk of loving a god made in our own image. Far too many people today love God as they imagine him to be rather than as he truly is because they do not truly know him, because they do not seek his face (cf. Psalm 105:4).

These are they who love a god who does not care what we do but simply accepts us as we are. These love a mistaken notion of God whom they say wants nothing more of us than that we be good people; that it doesn’t matter what we think, believe, wear, listen to, speak or buy. These also are they who believe God to be somehow distant and lonely, aloof from the cares of the world, the Creator of all who has since distanced himself from his creation.

He sounds positively Ratzingerian. Which is also to say, he's dead right on the mark. The Church, and indeed the world, needs more homilies like this. That sound you hear is God calling us back to the faith delivered to us by the Fathers, often at the cost of their blood and built upon His Body and His Blood. Go. Read. Be edified. Then ... do something about it!