Friday, July 13, 2007

Any Joomla users out there?

Having poked around at my old parish's web site and noticed that they're running Joomla! I thought I'd take a peek at it and see what I could make it do. My current parish website could desperately use a facelift, and Joomla certainly seems to be a (relatively) easy way to do it. I've already started to play with a test site on my home server. So... is there anyone out there with any experience with Joomla?

Of course, I'm way ahead of myself on this as I don't yet know if our pastor is interested in investing time in the web site right now and I don't yet even know who currently maintains the site, but I'd like to be sure I can offer something useful before I suggest anything to our pastor. Any thoughts or alternative suggestions would be most appreciated.

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