Saturday, July 07, 2007

More on the motu proprio

Fr. Z has done his usual excellent analysis here, and Fr. Daren Zehnle has some analysis here and further points us to the USCCB copy of the motu proprio and explanatory letter. The first thing that strikes when reading the USCCB variant is the use of the word 'let' where the VIS translation uses 'should' (e.g. "Let the pastor" vs. "The pastor should") following the unfortunate pattern of USCCB translations softening the language in critical areas.

Interestingly, Fr. Z notes that this motu proprio takes effect on September 14 of this year, which is coincidentally my birthday. It is also the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross - one does wonder if this is purely chance, but with this Pontiff I somehow doubt it.

Note also there is no minimum number required to request the use of the old Missal, but rather a "stable group". There also is no maximum number which would require the permission of the Bishop as some had surmised. The Bishop retains his full authority over his Diocese, but is to refer to the Ecclesia Dei commission any request which he is unable to fulfill. In a Diocese like mine where there is an acute priest shortage, this might well end up in coordinating with a group like FSSP or ICKSP. In the end, it is entirely possible such an arrangement might well help alleviate some of the need to close or twin parishes as well. All things in time, I suppose. For now, let us give thanks and pray and work - ora et labora - for positive results of this long-coming work of the Holy Father in union with the Holy Spirit.