Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Amy's new digs

In case you hadn't seen, Amy Welborn has moved. Her blog, that is. It is quite funny how many of us in St. Blog's find a certain solace in the consistency we find in certain places - Amy's frequent and thoughtful postings; Gerald's always on-the-spot news, exquisite photography and occasional rant; Dale's peerless fisks; Jeff's comical musings and incomparable turns of phrase ... I could go on and on. Suffice it to say, when something in that changes it's ... weird. And when weird things happen people often get concerned, even when they've never met the person. There's a case study for an aspiring psych student or ten in that, I think.

Suffice it to say, Amy's just fine and has made a sound decision to refocus herself on her writing. The good news is she's still posting her pithy commentary so St. Blog's has not lost her voice. Her calm and cool rationale can be found here. I must say, I'm nearly moved to jealousy at how clean and crisp her new site looks. If only I had an artistic bone in my body...