Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I confess I've been quite lax these past several days in blogging. Much of it has been work-related, but the past two days I've had an additional reason - I've been trying to learn what I can of my newly-acquired Logos Bible Study Software for Catholics from Bible and Theology Discount Software. Given the scope of the product and my complete lack of experience using software to do my Bible searching it's been a daunting task although not because the product is difficult to use.

I can't given absolutely unqualified support for the product only because I haven't used it enough yet. I will say, however, that from what I can see it is very well designed - new books or collections of books just plug right in to your existing library and you can search any or all of them from one interface. I just started playing with the "Biblical People" plugin and was immediately impressed with how well it integrated and how easily I could move from person to person including verses where they are mentioned right in front of me which I can then immediately cross-reference in all of the other included books.

I know the set is quite pricey - very pricey, indeed. But if you're expecting to do a lot of reference work this certainly seems a great way to do it - it might even make a great gift for a seminarian you know. For my part, I have high hopes that this will help me be a greater help to our RCIA members in the upcoming session. They certainly are worthy of anything that can be done for them.