Monday, August 06, 2007

French invasion

Sorry, it's not a Catholic thing but rather a New Hampshire thing. It's Monday and I haven't had any coffee, so you'll have to be gentle. My question - why can't people do any research before writing pieces even as fluffy as Brit Hume's daily tidbits on the FoxNews site? Friday's edition ended with this little bit:

New French President Nicolas Sarkozy is planning for his first summer vacation in office. So where does the leader of a European power go to relax? How about Wolfeboro, New Hampshire?

The pro-American Sarkozy will get his R&R on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, a popular vacation destination with Bostonians — including Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who owns a house there.

No word on why Sarkozy would spend August in a place with more French fries than French restaurants.

Hmmm... Maybe because there is a huge French-Canadian population in New Hampshire? The further north you go in NH the more French you hear. We're probably, in fact, one of the few states whose signs are frequently bi-lingual, but not English and Spanish, we're English and French around here. Needless to say, those four years of high school Spanish aren't doing me any good yet. Although, yes, we are also seeing a slight bump in Latin American immigration even up here as well. Who'd ever have thought of New Hampshire as such a melting pot?