Thursday, September 13, 2007

Heal a baby, save more?

From CNA:

.- The mother of the first baby in Europe to undergo fetal surgery hopes the successful outcome of her story will lead to fewer abortions and allow other children diagnosed with malformations the chance to live.

Maria Jose (her last name has not been revealed) gave birth a few days ago to her daughter, who underwent surgery in the womb to correct spinal bifida, a deformation that can cause paralysis, neurological damage, mental difficulties and other problems.

The girl is named Maria and was born by caesarean at 33 weeks. On July 31, when she was in her 27th week, she underwent prenatal surgery by Spanish doctors at a hospital in Seville, with guidance from Brazilian and American specialists.

The girl’s mother knows her case is “very important” for families with similar problems and could help other children to have a chance to live. “May parents never chose to abort,” she said, noting that her husband never considered making such a choice.

Doctors say little Maria is in “very good” condition and showing no signs of paralysis.

Her case was the first of its kind in Europe. Guillermo Antinolo, director of the genetics and reproduction unit and head of gynecology and obstetrics, praised the “courage and bravery” of the 36 year-old woman, who with her daughter, “is in great shape.”
I only wish this story were getting more coverage than it is. We don't, after all, perform surgery on lumps of tissue, we perform surgery on people. I echo her words - "may parents never chose to abort". If only one person reads this and changes their mind about abortion, it will be a far greater saving act than we can possibly comprehend.