Sunday, September 09, 2007

Oh. My.

From this week's bulletin:

Latin Mass
There will be an initial celebration of a Latin mass in accordance with the 1962 Roman Missal at St. Patrick Church in Nashua on Sunday, September 16 at 4 p.m. for anyone interested.
I can honestly say this is something that I wondered whether I would ever see in this Diocese. If you are anywhere in the area, be sure to come. Of the churches I have seen in New Hampshire St. Patrick's is, to me, the most beautiful (they unfortunately don't have a website or I'd offer a link). I can only hope the response to this initial Mass will be sufficiently robust as to convince those who scoff at the 1962 Missal of the continued importance of this Form for all ages.

I will, myself, make every effort to be there. As I've said before I have never seen a Mass of the Extraordinary Form, so I'll be at least one step behind everyone the whole way I'm sure. Now I must find a 1962 Hand Missal as I just discovered that the one my grandmother (my personal St. Monica) gave me is according to the 1955 documents. I'm sure it will be "close enough" to follow if I cannot get my hands on a 1962 Hand Missal before the 16th. My hands tremble in excitement. The fruits of Summorum Pontificum continue to ripen.