Monday, October 22, 2007

Fr. V made a very cogent point which I can only believe needs more emphasis in our culture. In discussing the Cleveland school shooting, he said (emphasis mine):

Apparently there were many signs that this kid was headed for trouble (as it seems there almost always is.) True freedom would still exist for that boy and the people he shot had community been more cohesive and concerned about the young man than being afraid of trespassing on someone’s business. That is the basis of the community of Church. It is the basis of true freedom. It is us and God, not me and God.
Doesn't that just go against everything we hear our secular leaders talking about these days? That we must be more respectful of others' privacy to the point of denying them the ability to share in our own lives - that religion that is not strictly private and internal is degenerate, malformed and dangerous? Yet Christ tells us to reach out to others, to bring His hand of healing to where it is needed most. If this poor soul had known the love God has for him, I truly doubt he would have been capable of what happened. In the final analysis this one does, to a great extent, lay on us folks. Sure, that's overly harsh and judgemental - it is also, however, largely true and an attitude the Church Fathers would not find surprising. So think about that, the next time you have a chance to expound on your faith and are tempted to shy away for fear of "trespassing on someone's business". It just may save a life some day.