Thursday, October 18, 2007

O Maine, how you have fallen

O Maine, you of the glistening coast reaching
forward into the sun, how you have fallen.
Your pristine forests defoliated
by the wretchedness in your legislators' hearts.
Your leaders echoing only "you can't get theyah from heeyah"
instead of "we must not go there".
The moose bellow their mournful tone
in witness to your fall, O Maine.

Okay, I admit it, I'm no poet. But this story sure does put a mournful note in your heart. Free birth control for sixth graders with only vague acquiescence of their parents that they can receive generically "treatment" in the nurse's office? Would that it were a joke but sadly it is not. Wake up Maine! Look into the sun your coast stretches towards and realize your founding in the Son of God. Turn back and let not the beauty God has given you be turned to sulfur and waste by the mesmerizing fire of sin.