Friday, October 05, 2007

Proof #847 of the existence of God

Certainly there is the unmoved mover, the uncreated creator, the argument from motion and so on. For my recent birthday my wife got me another proof of the existence of God - a Keurig Coffee System. You've probably seen one around before - they're the ones with the little cups (called K-cups) that you plop in. Then with a push of a button and a few seconds, you have a steaming hot cup of coffee of the flavor of your choice. Further, the coffee doesn't get burned by sitting on the hot plate which, unless you're a fan of that flavor, is a wonderful thing. And finally, I can make a cup of coffee any time I want one, without feeling that I have to make a pot, without wasting coffee that just sits there and my wife and I can finally share a coffee pot even though she drinks flavored coffees and I just can't bring myself to like them.

So. Proof of God? Certainly - it improves our stewardship of the earth (more efficient use of resources), it allows us more time to serve God and our neighbor (faster brewing), it allows you to explore the wonderful bounty of God's creation (multiple flavors in the same machine), and it improves the cohesion of the family (no more competing for coffee pot time). Only a benevolent and loving God could inspire man to create such a machine. (Yes, for those Pharisaically-inclined among us, my tongue is slightly in-cheek in writing this. But only slightly.)