Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Something stinks in Oregon

And it's not the funny-looking plants either. The state seems to have completely fallen off its rocker, as Carl Olson attests:

[I]f someone's right to gather signatures for a petition is denied because government officials don't agree with the petition's aims, what political voice is left to those who cannot rely on the courts or the legislative bodies? When basic political rights are abrogated, nearly anything goes, that is, if the government approves, allows, supports, enforces, upholds, and defines it, and otherwise says, "Yes, little tax-paying, consumerist cog in the mighty wheel of the progressive soft oligarchy, you have our blessing to do our bidding. Take up our cause and walk. Just be sure to pay the appropriate taxes, genuflect in front of the requisite idols, and adhere to this 666-page, politically-correct volume of speech code."
The only good thing about this story is that it makes my adopted home state of New Hampshire look almost sane by comparison. But in the end, any loss like this is one loss too many. And to think these very same politicians and ones like them were the ones only a few short years ago yelping in their most shrill tones about social conservatives having a "litmus test". While I normally enjoy good irony, this one is just too painful to even crack a grin over.