Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sometimes a footnote isn't

I just finished reading Fr. William Gardner's article in Homiletic and Pastoral Review entitled "A theology of life-giving". At the very, very end there's a little nugget that I can only hope doesn't get overlooked merely because it is a footnote (my emphasis):

Notwithstanding the modern trends of "designer' babies and abortion-on-demand, how beautiful it would be if all Catholic families aspired to be enriched by a variety of both unplanned and planned pregnancies, in honor of our Blessed Lord himself who arrived to the Holy Family as an unplanned pregnancy.
Be sure to bring that with you the next time you hear someone talking about "I'm done!" or "two is plenty". I'm trying to figure out just what someone could say as a counter-point to the reminder that Our Lord's conception was as unexpected by his Mother as it gets. That little baby you're saying "no" to right now just might grow up to be a great Saint. God's waiting.