Monday, October 22, 2007

This could be interesting

Alternately it could be a total disaster. Of course, the latter option would mean that it would attain critical acclaim whereas the former would mean that it would get shuttled down into the deep nether-reaches of recorded matter. Fox News is running a documentary following people who are struggling with the decision of whether to have an abortion. In the best of worlds it opens peoples' eyes to the fact that abortion isn't as much of a simple non-event as Planned Parenthood and NARAL would have people believe. In the worst case scenario it transmogrifies abortion into a subject which can no longer be talked about negatively because it would be "insensitive" to the feelings of those who are deliberating the matter. Granted, the latter is patently ridiculous, but that is, simply, where society is today.

The FOX documentary profiles three women to explore the abortion issue by following their agonizing decisions to have their babies or terminate their pregnancies.

The FOX News documentary is groundbreaking in that it does not touch at all on the political debate or legal analysis surrounding abortion.

All that is seen and heard during the hour are the women and families as they struggle to choose what to do about their pregnancies.

God deliver us from over-reaching producers and unthinking sycophants. Let us hope this special does some good rather than great harm.