Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Two words

The other day it happened that I was looking at the corner of the ceiling in one of the rooms in my house - which room is not important to the story. As I was inspecting this corner I noticed how closely the lines formed by the intersections of the two walls and the ceiling imitated those formed by our Savior's arms and body as He hung on the cross. Contemplating this further, I (or perhaps my Angel, for certainly I do not know from whence this came) imaged Christ over these intersections, hanging on the Cross, bleeding and dying for us. It was a vivid image yet not in the modern form of excruciating detail. Suddenly but yet as if it had always been there I noticed the form of two words astride The Crucified, one to the left of His legs and one to the right. The two words? "For You". Talk about something to think about. "For You".