Thursday, November 08, 2007

Evidence that I am not insane

Fr. Martin Fox has evidence that I have not gone off the loopy deep end in my belief that kids really are interested in the Mass of the Fathers more than the Mass of their fathers. People, this generation wants a challenge and if we don't give it to them they'll find it somewhere else. Give them a Mass that challenges their intellect and pulls on their soul and they come running:

Today St. Mary had its monthly Mass in Latin (per current Missal of Paul VI); only it was also a Mass for the schoolchildren, because they have no school on Friday.


After Mass, two of the servers practically ambushed me in the sacristy: "Father, we loved that!" What did you like? "We liked the Latin." Why? "It really made us pay attention." And when I said, okay, we might do it again, they said: "can we serve when you do?"

A bit later, I stopped into the school office, and a boy came in. "Great Mass, Father!" Really, I said, what made it great? "The Latin; and when you did this"--he meant the Eucharistic Prayer--"I thought you were going to say the usual words, but you didn't!"
Kids. Are. Not. Stupid.