Monday, November 12, 2007


I've been knee-deep in paint and wallpaper all weekend, so here is a quick update of the many things that have caught my eye. But first, a solemn salute to all our veterans on this Veterans' Day. That includes my paternal grandfather (requiescat in pace) who served as a SeaBee in the Pacific theater in WWII, my maternal grandfather (requiescat in pace) who was a medic in the European theater in WWII, my uncle who served in the artillery in Vietnam and my other uncle who served in Beirut. Service has long been a hallmark of my lineage and I am honored and humbled to be a part of this line.

As for the varia:

  • Diane at Te deum laudamus! has a nicely researched post pulling together some of the salient points and statements in the participatio actuosa debate. Particularly thrilling for me was the quote from Pope John Paul II's ad limina address in 1998, "The liturgy, like the Church, is intended to be hierarchical and polyphonic". To describe the Church as music - indeed, truly insightful.
  • Drew at the Shrine has posted a Martyr's Love-Letter. In only a few short paragraphs it encapsulates the true depth of interpersonal love - to desire the highest and best thing, eternity with God, for the beloved.
  • Bella has made it to Manchester, NH! This is quite a move from it's opening weekend where the nearest theater was in Long Island.
  • Gregory Popcak excoriates Gary Wills' recent argument that abortion is not a religious issue. When someone can resonably argue your article should have started like a Brothers Grimm story, you know you're in for trouble.