Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What to do when Golden Compass comes out?

Father Martin Fox has a wonderfully Catholic idea of what to do when The Golden Compass comes out:

Yes, it is frustrating when we have to say "no" to popular things. But as followers of Christ, we are not surprised our culture often works against our Faith, and we sometimes have to take a stand. Instead of the $20-50 you may spend at the theater, stay home with a good video and have pizza; you’ll have money left over, you can give to the hungry. That will be a golden lesson that will point your children in the right direction.
It is a supremely Catholic idea (albeit, of course, not exclusively Catholic) in that it is not merely a "no" that a simple boycott would be but rather a "yes" not only to your family but also a "yes" to the Church and a "yes" to the poor. Very Benedictine, I would say. It moves the Operation Rice Bowl concept to an every-day idea. As I've said before about Fr. Fox, think "pointy hat".