Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bring 'em on home

The latest thing making its way around St. Blog's is the new website Catholics Come Home. I've poked around some, albeit not as much as some others and found that for the most part it's a pretty good site. There are separate sections for "fallen-away" Catholics and non-Catholics as well as answers to many of the most common questions asked. The video production and artwork looked top-notch, which is critical - you gain or lose a viewer in the first five seconds on your site these days.

One thing I have to say ... this site reminded me of the familiar refrain every Christmas and Easter - "imagine if it was like this every Sunday". Yes, imagine. Let me put it in their words:

If even 10% of the 42.7 million inactive U.S. Catholics respond to these ads, 4.2 million Catholics could come back into the Church. The impact that 4.2 million more faith-filled, sacramentally fortified Catholics would have on society is mind boggling. In addition, if vocations are approximately .066% of the Catholic population, this program could also create 2,772 new priests!

God gives us the tools - it's up to us to use them. This looks to be, at the very least, another tool we desperately need.