Monday, March 17, 2008


From the Yet Another Resource (aka YAR) files, Catholic Mom lets us know the Diocese of Arlington has made available an online library of its Theology on Tap presentations. Covering from April 2006 to February 2008 and including two Bishops and countless Directors and Founders in its list it certainly looks to be a good resource for anyone looking for some quality audio instruction.

One of the beauties of the Internet is that it has found a new way to bridge the barrier between "particular churches" such that I, in the Diocese of Manchester, now have easy access to resources from the Diocese of Arlington, among others. That we can do this, and do this without any kind of cross-charge, is yet another reminder that catholic equals universal. There's not a lot left that generates excitement in me in high-tech these days (living in the bowels of the beast for this many years has that effect on one) but this is something I just can't complain about. Now...should I start with Bishop Loverde or Bishop O'Brien?