Thursday, April 03, 2008

The secret of every Christian life

In Pope Benedict XVI's homily at the Mass yesterday on the anniversary of Pope John Paul II's death, he made a most eloquent observation in reflecting on the last days of his predecessor:

That eloquent scene of human suffering and faith, in that last Good Friday, also indicated to believers and to the world the secret of every Christian life [...] That 'be not afraid' was not based on human strength, nor on successes accomplished, but rather, only on the word of God, on the cross and resurrection of Christ. In the degree in which he was being stripped of everything, at the end, even of his very words, this total surrender to Christ manifested itself with increasing clarity.
Salt and Light has also put together a video in honor of the anniversary, which when combined with this reflection is most powerful. I hadn't realized how powerful it all would be even after three years.