Monday, May 19, 2008

Pointy hat

That's what I think of when I hear or read priests who have a habit of doing the right thing, particularly when they do it in a sensitive and simultaneously strong way. Fr. Fox, after inviting his parishioners to a Corpus Christi procession, asks them to leave the church in silence as Christ is placed back on the altar between Masses. Then he reminds them the silence is not only for others, but themselves as well:

That silence may be hard, and it can be intimidating—because its so powerful.
It’s not empty,
just as this church is never empty.
In that silence, we are confronted with the God
who was not content to remain distant,
but comes close, and wants to come as close as possible to us.

God wants to do more than say hello—
he wants to be one with you.

"[T]his church is never empty." That is a reality that I don't think is contemplated nearly enough these days. Jesus is always there, waiting for you. Just as He was silent nine months in Mary's womb, so He silently waits in the bosom of the church for you to return his visit. Have you dropped in to say hello to Jesus, to renew that "becoming one" with Him lately?