Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yup, I've warped 'em

On the way to school yesterday:

Son: Can we listen to EWTN on the satellite?
Me: You don't want to listen to Kids Stuff?
Son: Nah, EWTN please.

On the way to son's Karate class:
Daughter: Can we listen to the song on EWTN?
Me: You mean the Divine Mercy chaplet in song?
Daughter: *already singing the chaplet*

Yup, they're warped. And in the best possible way too. After spending the first twenty some-odd years of my life wandering in the desert I can't even comprehend being so very comfortable with all these Catholic-isms. As I watch my kids grow in the Faith, each very much in their own way, I'm continually reminded they are experiencing this all in a way I will never quite understand.