Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Nature is wise and can help us find solutions"

I heard this story this morning on Teresa Tomeo's radio show. It is stories like this that can help remind people who don't yet understand the religious position of life beginning at conception that short of that we simply cannot define when life is and is not viable. From CNA:

Commenting on the recent birth of a baby who developed outside his mother’s womb, one of the doctors present at the delivery, Waldemir Rezende, said that the extraordinary results of the medical intervention show that it is always possible for science to save both the mother and the child.

Brazilian media has been following the case of Maria Benedita, whose difficult pregnancy could have ended in abortion but instead ended with the birth of a healthy baby.

In an interview with the Catholic News Agency, Dr. Rezende said that in cases such as Benedita’s, (which are 1 in 40,000 pregnancies), “the risks always exist and are great, but nature is wise and can help us find solutions for the different problems we encounter along the way.”
Never give up on life. Never.