Friday, September 26, 2008

Ember days

If you, like me, have never heard of Ember Days you'll want to read this article at Rorate Caeli. It's a reprint of an article by Michael P. Foley from The Latin Mass Magazine. After reading it I feel, in a way, as if I've been robbed of some of my patrimony all these years. There is still too much of a "we threw everything out with Vatican II" attitude and all too often people glibly state that "we don't do that any more" neither knowing why we did it before nor why we do it now. History is a powerful teacher, if only you are willing to learn.

Update: I'm way behind (again) on my blog reading, or I'd have known to include a pointer to this post at NLM. So much about Ember Days I never knew, so much to have missed...