Wednesday, February 21, 2007

And so it begins...

Against All Heresies points us to a nicely done blog at These Forty Days. The reflections are top-notch and I like the pleasant, unimposing layout. Much different than this hodgepodge here. I'll clean this up one of these days, honest. Perhaps a good Lenten penance?

Also, Jimmy Akin is kind enough to lay out the rules for us, in case we had forgotten (or never learned) any. It's always useful to re-read the rules to make sure you haven't slipped along the way; every once in a while they can be inspiring too.

Finally, Mike Aquilina is starting a series of Lenten reflections on the three aspects of Lent: prayer, fasting and almsgiving. His reflection on prayer is, as always, moving. Once again he's making me shuffle my reading order to try to find a way to fit more patristic reading in earlier. I need more time in the day...

Update: Mike Aquilina has posted part two of his series of Lenten reflections on fasting. Again, absolutely insightful. You know something is good when it makes you really, truly reflect on your own efforts and Mike has done just that.

Update 2: And part three of the series has been posted. If you read this and don't feel like you're not giving enough, either you're already giving the widow's mite or you probably need to read it again.