Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Culture of death strikes again

Causa Nostrae Laetitiae points us to a story from LifeNews that should just make your stomach turn. From the story:

An Italian judge has ordered a thirteen year-old girl to have an abortion because her parents are opposed to their daughter giving birth. The decision relies on laws in Italy that allow parents to make the pregnancy decisions for their teenage children.

The girl, from Torino, did not want to have an abortion but the ruling will compel her to do so.

Roman Catholic Blog points us to a story from WFAA-TV which suggests the abortion has already happened and the girl involved "went into a frenzy and threatened to kill herself". And people say post-abortion syndrome doesn't exist. Right.

So in this country we have children who can decide not to tell their parents they're going to have an abortion (and the Governor of this fine state of New Hampshire has promised to push to repeal the parental notification law that was the center of Supreme Court controversy last year. Ugh.) but in Italy the parents can legally force the child to have the abortion. At least here the child would have a legal chance to defend herself in court. We have both messed it up, in two totally different ways, each getting part right and part wrong. The culture of death never sleeps...