Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Just when you thought...

...the pro-death folks couldn't get any more arrogant or aggressive. LifeSite News tells us the Swedish government intends to become an international supplier of abortions:

An impending amendment to the current Abortion Act in Sweden will allow Swedish abortionists to abort the children of women from other countries, including countries which protect the right to life of their unborn citizens. The controversial measure which would offer abortion-on-demand during the first eighteen weeks of pregnancy, has drawn criticism from a noted professor of EU legislation and international pro-life leaders.

They could, however, run smack into some snags. Like abortion still being illegal in a few (albeit a dwindling number of) EU states.
The [Ulf Bernitz a professor of European Union Law at Stockholm University] also suggested that Sweden might find itself in violation of the sovereign rights of other nations should it follow the proposed course. "Sweden might get in trouble if it introduces a legislation that causes conflict with other countries' legislation," he said.

Somehow I have doubts the well-intentioned politicos in the EU will allow that objection to stand. Having just read Weigel's The Cube and the Cathedral this strikes as a depressing, but not altogether surprising, continuation of the path Europe has been on for a long time.

H/T to Gerald.