Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mike Aquilina's at it again

Fresh off the blistering success that was the expanded edition of The Fathers of the Church, Mike Aquilina just let slip that there's a new version of The Mass of the Early Christians about to come out. So new, in fact, it isn't even on Amazon yet. What's new? Ask the author:

What’s new in the expanded edition? Lots. The book’s a good deal bigger. There are at least six new chapters — on Clement of Rome, Cornelius, Firmilian, the Anaphora of St. Mark, Eusebius, and the Council of Nicea. I added several more apocryphal texts, and included a discussion of the recently discovered Gospel of Judas. I also added more texts by Cyprian, Origen, Clement of Alexandria, and others. Still other chapters were extensively rewritten based on more recent scholarship.
Yes, that's grubby-mitt-rubbing you're seeing over in this direction.