Thursday, June 21, 2007

New publication for New Hampshire

The Diocese of New Hampshire has announced the launch of a new publication, slated to hit mailboxes in late June / early July. In Parable Magazine, the Diocese hopes to "bring[] the Good News of Jesus Christ to all in New Hampshire" and to "look at contemporary issues from a faith perspective." Despite those rather opaque and non-committal goal statements, it is my fervent hope that this publication helps to bridge the communication gap in this Diocese I have frequently lamented. It is often not that there are not good things being done, but simply that no one seems to know about them. Whether that has something to do with the New England reputation for insularity, I don't know, but just getting this kind of information in front of people and educating them can only help.

As one blogger pointed out in noting the need for an RSS/Atom feed for any news site, if you don't push it they won't come. I find that to be an indictment of the intellectual laziness prevalent in our culture, but it is a stream against which it is perhaps impertinent to try to swim at this time. I say only congratulations to the Diocese and I pray the publication helps to provide the clear, honest orthodox truth to all of us who so desperately need it. You can poke around on Parable's web site, including previewing the first edition right here.