Friday, June 22, 2007

Points for the annulment that wasn't

If you've been following the Joe Kennedy/Sheila Rausch annulment "reversal" coverage from a distance or only through the mainstream media, you're probably missing a great opportunity to learn something about the Church and how She works. First, Jimmy Akin drops a lighter on the flammable remains of the Time piece that putatively broke the story. Then, Dr. Ed Peters reminds us (again) that canon law is much different than common law and that we may simply not know all the factors that went into the Roman Rota's decision. And then, as if this wasn't enough giggling fun already, Dr. Peters lets us know that Joe Kennedy, from all appearances, never did have the annulment he apparently thought he did. How is that possible? You'll have to read his post to figure it out. Oh, and he doesn't spare dropping the hammer for the Rota's painfully slow handling of the matter either. Even if you couldn't care less about anything to do with the Kennedys, these are learning opportunities that don't come along often. In this case, thankfully.