Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Daddy, can we hear track three?

Now if you have young kids, you're probably thinking that question was in reference to the Wiggles. Unh uh. A Disney collection? Nope. The DoodleBops? Bzzzt. When you hear my kids asking that, it's because they want to listen to
wait for it
Panis Angelicus. Yes, that's right, a Latin hymn originally written, not in 2006 or 2007 but roughly around 1274.

The particular variant they'll be listening to is from the Catholic Latin Classics CD. It is based on the very popular (from what I can tell, anyway) composition by Cesar Franck with John Eskola performing a magnificent tenor. I've debated whether it would be fitting to have such a powerful performance as a post-Communion song, aside from the debate about whether one should have any post-Communion song. Regardless that question, it positively raises the hairs on my neck when I hear it. You can listen to snips from Amazon in Windows Media or RealPlayer.

My son enjoys it enough he tried to convince his first-grade music teacher to teach it in class. No success - yet. Maybe someday though.