Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A new blog for the list

While catching up on my blog backlog (okay, say that ten times fast!) I was reading through Alive and Young when he pointed to a new blog. Feeling rather adventurous for some unknown reason I followed on over to Astonished, Yet at Home! So far he's done a quite nice job with the blog.

Except for one strange thing. He has a list of "All-Stars of the Catholic Blogosphere" and for some as yet unexplainable reason he has this little ol' blog in it. Okay, I was an All-Star in Little League but somehow I don't think that counts. Clearly the poor chap has been out in the sun too long! You should head on over and offer up prayers that he regains his sanity. Until that happens, however, I'll bask in the thought that there may be those who get something out of all this that I put out. Miracles shall never cease.