Thursday, March 13, 2008


I've been ruminating lately on this whole debacle with NY Governor Spitzer and his rather pricey dalliances with the "escort service" (aka prostitution ring). There is, I will admit, a certain part of me that wants to join in the schadenfreude of some who have been willing to find joy in finally seeing his hypocrisy bite him. But no, I just can't find it in myself to catch much joy in this.

Yes, a great enemy of the pro-life movement has been knocked out of the public ring. Yes, this serves as a good reminder that "sin makes you stupid" and a reflection of the reality that public sin is often a image of private sin. It can certainly be argued that Spitzer's outspoken public support of unlimited abortion rights has had an effect on other aspects of his life, including his predilection for other sins in the same general (in this case, sexual) area. All of these are important points.

For me though, at the end of the day, it's still a story about a soul who has tragically lost his way and taken others down with him, and for that I cannot be happy. No, when I see Gov. Spitzer now I grieve for his wife and children who have to suffer this public humiliation. Even more, I grieve for him and the utter danger in which he has placed his immortal soul. When I look at him, all I can do is pray to God that he be able to open his heart to the One who is Truth, repent of his ways and reconciled both to Him and His creation. Will it happen? I don't know, but I have no choice but to hope.

While I'm here, I also have to admit a profound sadness for the young lady, Ashley Dupre, with whom he committed such terrible acts. Not only did she help an untold number of others do serious damage to their souls but she did the same, if not worse, damage to herself. In the temporal order now that her bikini-clad picture has been splattered all over the front-page news right above her name she may never be able, or at least feel as though she will never be able, to move beyond this terrible error in her life. Even if she does find some peace and/or success in her life there will always be a lingering doubt as to whether she earned it on her own or really just got by because of this whole episode. Lingering doubts are the devil's play area. I hope and pray that she will allow herself to look beyond this period in her life and see the God who loves her enough to will her very existence, and that society will somehow allow her to walk the path that takes her to Him who made her.

No, I find no joy in this, no day of rejoicing. What I do find, however, is the ever-present cause for hope in the knowledge that God himself saw this coming even as He hung on the cross and did not forgo His part. That chance for reconciliation is always there for all of us, great sinners and great saints alike. Maybe, then, there is a small joy in this for the Heavens will rejoice greatly if out of this tragedy souls find their way to God.