Monday, March 10, 2008

Prayer request

Ignorant Redneck asks for our prayers for his daughter:

My youngest daughter was in an auto accident yesterday at about 2:30 PM. She sustained broken bones in her face, facial lacerations, and some brain injury. We have made the first 24 hour hurdle--no significant swellin of the brain, and a stable intercranial pressure. (She has a shunt and some monitoring equipment implanted in her head.) The facial fractures are considered minor--everything is in place and the fractures are clean.

Her updated status:
Meg is still listed in serious condition, but she is showing some signs of improvement. She opened her eyes a bit today. The nurse saw it ans asked her to do it again and she did. she also wiggled her fingers on request, and her toes. The wrong toes, but she did hear and understand, and wiggle them.

My sister was in a car accident as a teenager (she'll admit, it was her fault) so I have a small idea of what IR is going through. St. Luke, pray for the doctors in whose hands she has been placed!